Winning the Fitness Franchise Game 

Devin Meister
February 14, 2024
Top franchises on Entrepreneur's list of top 500 choose ClubReady.

The biggest predictor of success is past success. While you need to innovate and differentiate your business from the competition, much of the foundation of any business lies in executing proven operations and systems that ensure profitability. That’s why it’s no surprise that so many of the fastest growing and top-ranked franchises turn to ClubReady for their fitness business management solution. A proven platform for leaders across all types of fitness offerings, check out just a sample of businesses recently identified by Entrepreneur magazine as part of the Top 500 Franchises for 2024 and learn more about their experiences with ClubReady.

Who’s knocking it out?

“What we want to do as best we can as a franchisor is create an ability for a franchisee to just focus on the execution. When you do that, you have a much stronger network.”
Roger Martin
CEO + Co-Founder, RockBox


Who’s pulling forward?

“They (ClubReady Concierge) called our prospects, reconnected with them, booked them into intro classes. And once they were booked into intro classes, my sales staff took over and picked up where they left off. And we just killed the sale.”
Jana Rivers
Franchise Owner, Club Pilates



Who’s rolling towards success?

“We were able to come out of that and we’ve started working on growing and getting the systems in place to make sure that we’re servicing the volume of members that we need to be profitable and sustainable.”
Rachel Hilton
Franchise Owner, CycleBar



Who’s got a handle on scale?

“I have goal sheets with each of our studios that we update daily based on reports we pull from ClubReady. We know how many memberships we’ve sold, our revenue per unit, how many first-time visits we have coming, all of those critical things. I compile all of those important reports into one interface for our team so they know exactly how they’re tracking for the month.”
Rachel Hilton
Franchise Owner, Pure Barre



Who’s got the moves for growth?

“I look at the holistic view every single day, probably multiple times per day, depending on what I’m doing strategically to plan. Then I’ll go into individual studios that aren’t performing and say, Hey, here’s where we are. Here’s what we need to do differently to get a different result.”
Michael Leonard
Vice President of Sales, YogaSix



Who’s got the 1-2-combination for success?

“It’s allowed us to be a really great advocate for the owners to be able to identify when something is missing or make more meaningful recommendations”
Amanda Enos
Former Vice President of Sales & Operations, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness



Who’s stretching to new lengths?

“This is my, I want to say third job if you count being a mom. From an ownership perspective, it’s really good for me to go in at the end of the day and take a snapshot and see how many members do we have, how many prospects do we have. Just having visibility to all of the recaps is my favorite thing about ClubReady.”
Diane Barber
Franchise Owner, StretchLab



One Platform to Execute Your Vision

No matter what type of studio you’re operating or considering, ClubReady provides a foundation for success. That’s why it’s the choice of leaders across the board. From established franchises to the new kids on the block, top franchises and operators choose ClubReady to help them reach their goals. Check out other customer stories and studio types utilizing ClubReady.