Work Harder … or Work Smarter?

Devin Meister
October 20, 2023
Tap experts to make your fitness business grow.

ClubReady Concierge Services Helps Deliver Continued Growth

One of the things that multi-franchise owner Jana Rivers learned in the military was to ask “am I going to work harder or am I going to work smarter?” When she was imagining retirement from a career in law enforcement in California and got the “crazy notion” to open a studio, she faced a number of hurdles that caused her to recall that advice.


Know Your Strengths

While Jana had lot of experience in law enforcement, her background was not as a seller, or as a computer techie. But she did have a passion for fitness. From the beginning, knowing her strengths and location (she was in California while her new clubs were in Texas) she realized that to make the businesses work she’d have to tap into the strengths of others. That started with the first push for memberships. “I originally hired Aurora (now ClubReady Concierge Services) to do my pre-sale. And they did a good job,” she says. “They got us memberships.” At that point, with a new GM hired and onboard, she didn’t see the further need for ClubReady services and moved on.


Opening … and Adjusting

With new members signed up, the studio was off to great start. “We had new employees coming in. We had new prospects coming in. We had a grand opening and everything as well,” says Rivers. Then she lost her GM. “Things were really slow and my sales just basically flatlined,” she remembers. The one thing they did still have were tons and tons of prospects in the system – just not the resources to work them properly.

At about the same time, Rivers was talking to the owner of a different studio franchise. They were having ClubReady work their old leads. “I called the ClubReady team and asked if they offered those services. They said yes – but your franchise brand doesn’t offer that yet,” says Rivers. That didn’t stop her. “I’m going to make an executive decision,” she recalls. “I’m going to do it.” So she did — and she’s more than pleased with the results. While she has increased sales, it’s also helped her business and staff grow in a collaborative approach.


Pushing the Accelerator

Right away, the ClubReady team started working on any prospect older than 30 days. “They called our prospects, reconnected with them, booked them into intro classes. And once they were booked into intro classes, my sales staff took over and picked up where they left off. And we just killed the sale,” says Rivers excitedly. Within one month coming out of the grand opening, they had sold 85 new memberships. “It was insane,” recalls Rivers. “I mean we were doing well before, but we just did phenomenal after we brought in ClubReady. There was no way we could have done that on our own.”


Collective Eyes, Ears, and Brains

One of the continued advantages she has seen long after the presale stage is the access to the ClubReady team’s experience. “My GM had big box gym experience but not boutique experience,” explains Jana. “The ClubReady team has general manager experience.” That, coupled with what the ClubReady team heard while calling prospects, has enabled Jana’s team to make market adjustments they wouldn’t have considered otherwise. From changing intro class times to talking points in the sales process they were able to overcome many objections and get prospects booked.

One of those suggestions was adding Sunday classes. “We are in Texas. We were not having classes on Sunday because we didn’t think anybody wanted to go.” Prospects were telling the ClubReady team otherwise. That was just one change that kickstarted the success spiral. “Now we’re not only booking intro classes, but we started selling private training. Not only did we start selling private training, but we also started being able to do grassroots events. There was no way we could have managed those prospects like that,” according to Jana. “There was no way we would’ve known how to look at the data — and we didn’t.”

That education has spanned both the market and how to leverage their ClubReady technology. For example, in one of her conversations with the ClubReady team, she mentioned that her team had sent literally more than 800 text messages in two days. There was no way they could keep up that pace and follow up properly. The ClubReady experts pointed out the mass texting features in the ClubReady system. That enabled the team to better utilize their system, staying better connected to members without neglecting other tasks in the gym or sacrificing their personal time.


The Right Tools for the Job

When asked if she would recommend ClubReady Concierge Services, Jana has a quick answer: “100%” she says. Her perspective calls back to the question, ‘are you going to work smarter or are you going to work harder?’ Part of working smarter means investing now to get a larger return later. “One of the things about me is I have no problem spending money if it’s going to make it easier for my staff, lighten their load, and pay off in the long run. There was no way my staff could have gone back and managed over 2000 prospects. With the help of ClubReady, we did. I think you have to realize that sometimes you may be able to do it, but if another person or entity can do it better you may need to utilize their expertise.” In her experience, tapping into the knowledge of ClubRead helped point her and her GM in the right direction. That in turn enabled them to point their staff in the right direction for long-term success and why they continued to use ClubReady Concierge Service well after their initial launch.


From Start-Up to Scale-Up

ClubReady is committed to helping fitness business owners everywhere achieve their dreams, whatever they are. With the leading integrated solution in the industry, paired with expert knowledge and services, ClubReady provides the foundation and tools businesses need to succeed. Learn more about ClubReady Concierge Services or hear other customer stories.

Customer Spotlight Stats

Name: Jana Rivers
Number of Studios: 2 

    • Weatherford, TX
    • North Fort Worth, TX

Solution: ClubReady Concierge Services
Post Launch Success: 2,000 + old leads worked, 85 New Members in 30 days