How Kaiut Yoga Boulder Used iKizmet to Keep (and even Expand) Their Membership Community

iKizmet spoke with Kristin Savory from Kaiut Yoga Boulder (KYB) about how their business-and their activities on iKizmet-shifted in the last month.

In March 2020, as COVID-19 started making the news in the United States, the KYB partners, Craig, Kristin and Darvin began paying attention to what was happening in California.  “Once the stay-at-home order came [in California], we knew we were going to be next.” 

Even with a vision for what was coming, Kaiut Yoga knew they were in a bit of a jam. 

The Dilemma:

Kaiut Yoga’s particular method always relied on in-person instruction and customer service. Faced with the reality of the current climate, the leadership team convened. One of Kaiut’s core values is adaptability: the quality of being able to adjust to new conditions.  Kristin explained “We decided if we couldn’t adapt our practice, then were we really able to adapt? We should be able to do our practice outside of our yoga mat and space.” 

Just like that and virtually overnight, Kaiut Yoga Boulder’s teachers banded together and went online with their classes. KYB began using a private Facebook group and then Zoom to see which worked best. 

Their priority was getting their current members on their classes. To get the word out, they started by sending a mass email to the email list they had built up. “We believed we might get a few people wanting to attend the [virtual] classes, but there were actually 60, 70, even 80 people showing up.”

Zeroing in with iKizmet

Next, they started calling their current and past members. “We weren’t even calling to sell them anything, we were just checking in with them.” They logged into iKizmet for previous members who had canceled their memberships or who had paused theirs for traveling. They called those clients to let them know about their move to [online content]. "Many of those prior or inactive members unfroze or restarted their memberships to attend our virtual classes.”

However, the KYB team didn’t stop there. “iKizmet has been extremely instrumental in our processes.” Kristin reported that previously, she was logging into iKizmet once or twice a week. “Now, I log in daily sometimes multiple times in a day.” Kaiut Boulder uses iKizmet’s Raw Data views to determine who to call each day.  From there, the team divides the list and gets to work. “I use [iKizmet] to structure my tasks and my day,” Kristin reported.

“What we’re seeing is that [online content] may need to be part of our ongoing business plan.” Kaiut Yoga Boulder reports they are still perfecting their process and deciding how to optimize their online platform. Kristin shared that even with the unexpected turn of events, this past month has been their biggest month ever for memberships. 

Along with moving to online content, Kaiut Boulder has changed their introductory offers to be in line with their new shift in services and classes. “We’ve started a scholarship program. We've given free online access to emergency responders and health care workers who are still working and classified as essential.”

The Success

Kristin attributed their quick ability to adapt to their founder's belief that “anything you do in business is about building relationships.” Kaiut Boulder’s already strong community and customer service allowed them to easily pivot to online classes. Another contributing factor: their belief that “with everything in life, you can choose to turn it around and have that situation act in your favor; use it for your benefit.” 

While this situation is difficult and definitely unexpected, there is some silver lining for Kaiut Yoga Boulder. They have strengthened their community and continued to engage with their clients -and have even expanded that community! “It’s been a lot of work, but without [iKizmet] we wouldn't be as successful as we’ve been.”

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