Zipwhip Partnership Integrates Texting with Club Management

Devin Meister
December 13, 2019

With Texting for Business™, ClubReady fitness organizations will better attract, retain and serve global fitness members.

Zipwhip, the leading provider of Texting for Business™, today announced a partnership with ClubReady, the leading provider of full-suite studio fitness and wellness club management software and services. The partnership integrates Zipwhip’s Texting for Business solution directly within ClubReady’s club-management software, allowing fitness organizations to text-enable existing business phone numbers and manage text conversations at all their locations.

With Zipwhip for ClubReady, fitness brands can communicate with their members via the method they prefer – texting. By leveraging the powerful, flexible features of Zipwhip from within ClubReady, users can reach clients faster to increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

Zipwhip for ClubReady allows fitness organizations to engage with clients without disrupting their workflow, with features like:

  • Group Messaging – Notify an entire class of a cancellation, follow up with first-time class attendees or follow up with multiple prospects at once, with a bulk text.
  • Automated Class/Appointment Reminders – Ensure clients don’t miss a class or appointment with scheduled text reminders.
  • Automated Wait List Notifications – Wait list text reminders ensure classes are always full.
  • Message Sync – Outbound and inbound texts are automatically archived as notes in Workit and counted as activities in LeadSpeak.
  • Contact Sync – Auto-sync contacts between ClubReady and Zipwhip.
  • Landline Texting – Send and receive texts from your studio’s primary number on your mobile device.

“Texting is the fastest and most convenient way for businesses to keep in contact with their customers,” said John Lauer, CEO of Zipwhip. “Fitness studios in particular need to reach people immediately – like when a class schedule changes or a wait list opens up. Zipwhip’s ClubReady integration eliminates the need for time consuming phone tag and guarantees your message will be seen.”

With Zipwhip’s embedded texting widget, users can text fitness members without ever leaving their ClubReady application. New and unread texts appear in a convenient Zipwhip Inbox displayed directly on the ClubReady Dashboard. Additionally, ClubReady users can send and receive messages directly from the Workit tab and view the message history for a selected contact.

“We are excited about our partnership with Zipwhip because we know that this is something our users and their members are hungry for,” said Darol Lain, president of ClubReady. “Our customers are looking for better ways to engage with their members, and Zipwhip gives ClubReady customers the tools they need to grow their businesses.”

In the recently released e-book, Texting for Fitness 101, Zipwhip polled fitness organization representatives and their members to learn how each group views and uses texting as a tool to communicate with their gyms or studios. Zipwhip found:

Fitness organizations are adopting texting at an overwhelming rate – 87% of fitness-related businesses use texts to communicate with their members. This is among the highest Zipwhip has seen across one specific industry.
Phone tag wastes time when members would rather receive a text – Nearly 72% of businesses surveyed said they play phone tag with customers, and 68% of customers said they prefer a text over a voicemail when they miss a call from their gym or studio.

Fitness customers prefer to communicate via text for every use case we presented – From class related inquiries to words of encouragement, more than 50% of respondents said they prefer to text over hopping on a call or getting an email.

To learn more about Zipwhip’s Texting for Business solution, please visit:

About Zipwhip

Zipwhip empowers companies to communicate with their customers in the most effective and preferred way possible – texting. As the pioneer of Texting for Business, Zipwhip first enabled texting to and from existing landline, VoIP and toll-free phone numbers in 2014. Zipwhip’s direct network connectivity, intuitive cloud-based software and an enterprise-grade API mean businesses can use any computer or mobile device to securely and reliably reach their customers, every time. Your customers are only a text away:

About ClubReady

ClubReady is the leading provider of full-suite studio fitness and wellness club management software and services. Founded in 2009, ClubReady has been committed to building the studio fitness business of the future. The ClubReady Fitness Management Platform provides clients a full membership management and engagement experience to attract, retain and better serve their members. ClubReady’s Performance IQ enhances this platform with fitness tracking software that delivers high quality, real-time, individual and group fitness results leading to higher member engagement, retention and loyalty. ClubReady’s GYM HQ supports the mission by providing bundled club services, like client contract managers, customer service agents, payroll, accounting, and operations support.


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“We are really excited about our partnership with Zipwhip because we know this is something that our audience is really, really hungry for.” — Marilyn Cox, VP of Marketing at @ClubReady. Read more: 🧘🚴

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