Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Streamline Processes and Strengthen Engagement

Gettings leads in the door is the first step. Staying in touch with them and enticing them to come back is an entirely different game. Using the ClubReady CRM automated lead nurturing, you can send targeted content to the right customers, and make follow-ups part of your staff’s daily workflows. Keep your message on script no matter who is telling your story with customized tablet sales presentations. This ensures that everyone on staff will give the same sales presentation and keeps track of relevant guest information in an easy-to-analyze interface. 

  • Create and Execute One Brand Story for Every Location
  • Streamline check ins, and all types of forms from waivers to agreements
  • Send Personalized and Automated Communications
  • Stay connected anywhere through the mobile app

“This is a technology-based generation. It’s everything. It’s our waivers. It’s our point of contact. It’s everything to us right now. We’ve even implemented an app. Technology is very big, which is why I feel like the move to ClubReady was the right move.”

Charmaine Swinger, Member Services Manager

X3 Sports

CRM for Fitness Business Management 

Simplify your connections to prospects and members to maximize conversions and revenue throughout the customer lifecycle. 

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Build Your Fitness Business for the Future