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Employee Led Growth for Your Fitness Brand

Feedback is how we get better. Reviews are how we get found and earn trust. ClubReady partner Edge (formerly Eyerate) empowers you to do both while rewarding the people that make it happen – your franchises and staff.

Discover how you can:

  • Streamline your days with automated customer reviews
  • Amp up staff engagement with simple internal competitions
  • Guarantee information is communicated with staff competitions
  • Rinse and repeat successful efforts with new sales insights
  • Level-up your service standards by recognizing your stars
  • Identify and retain your most motivated employees

See how it can work for you.

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The Presenter

Raj Nijjer

Head of Marketing, Edge (formerly EyeRate)

About Edge

Edge (formerly EyeRate), the leading employee-driven growth platform, unlocks employees as a thriving sales and marketing channel for multi-location service brands like European Wax Center, Massage Envy, Gold’s Gym, Driven Brands, and Xponential Fitness. The Edge (Employee-Driven Growth Engine) platform transforms frontline teams into a trusted network of brand promoters with employee rewards that are aligned to sales growth.

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