Our Story

The story begins where most brilliant ideas start . . . over  craft beers. 

An accountant, a lawyer and a Chief Operations Officer for a national fitness company walk into a bar (no, this isn't the start to a bad joke).  One of them says, "If gym owners were able to focus on what they do best - getting people excited about fitness, motivating their staff, and figuring out where to put their next location - and leave the hum-drum back-office stuff to us, which is work we actually love doing, it seems there's a void in the market there that desperately needs to be filled."

And with this realization, GYM HQ was born...  

GYM HQ combines years of fitness industry experience, a skilled team of client contract managers and customer service agents, a law firm, a certified HR and operations expert, payroll processing specialists, and an entire accounting department all under one roof.   GYM HQ bundles our "club services" and offers them to fitness industry professionals for an affordable monthly fee.  For the cost of a front desk person, gym owners are now just one call away from their very own outsourced corporate office.  Say goodbye to administrative staff payroll, an expensive office lease, and operating in the dark.  Say hello to GYM HQ . . . your solution for all of your company's club services needs. 

GYM HQ: Focus on your people and profits, not problems.



Choosing GYM HQ was an easy decision. We knew we could count of them to service our clients and staff as if it was their business. The back-end functions are very important to helping our team accomplish our goals.
— John C., Lighthouse Fitness, Nationwide
Choosing GYM HQ was one of the easiest and best decisions we made. There was no way I could drive new business, work with our existing members and be present in the club if I was doing back office work. From Payroll to Accounting, Accounts Payable and HR they are a terrific group of people who are always available and quick to respond. We would have had to hire 3 full-time people to do all of the work that they do for us and at a very reasonable cost.
— Mark P., UFC GYM Rocklin, CA
Anyone that is in our industry that does not understand the importance of ‘back-office functions’ is basically on a list set for extinction. From HR to A/P to Payroll, today’s workforce will not tolerate anything less than uber-professionalism. This is exactly why we decided to partner with GYM HQ. The idea of keeping up with the ever-changing laws was daunting enough that we knew we needed an outside vendor that specialized in it. We looked at it like this; Our members expect a level of professionalism, knowledge, and expertise that they couldn’t obtain on their own so why would we differ in regards to our back office needs?
— Travis W., Sky Fitness & Wellbeing, Tulsa, OK
I love knowing that GYM HQ is taking care of our members. Having our GHQ billing team calling on our club’s behalf makes us look so much more professional.”
— Alissa A., CKO Kickboxing North Tustin, CA





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