Are You Truly Surviving?

How to Measure Fitness Business Success Today

We’re diving into the three most critical questions studio owners should ask now:

  1. How do I stay competitive and spend money on the right things?
  2. Where should I spend my energy to ensure breakeven and to preserve cash?
  3. Am I keeping my community together or do I need to build a new one?

Whether you are running the latest fitness data analytics solution or pulling stats from a spreadsheet, our resident fitness data analytics expert, Stephanie Moran will show you how to wring actionable insights from your data that can improve your business. You’ll discover data points and metrics you can use now to:

– Drive Acquisition and the Lead-to-Purchase Cycle

– Measure and Improve Client Retention

– Determine Optimal Class Capacity and Class Utilization

– Identify Who Your Best Customers Are and How to Support Them

About the Presenter

    • Stephanie Moran, SVP of Business Development at ClubReady & Co-Founder of iKizmet
    • Over 20 years in the Fitness Industry
    • Former Head of Sales at MINDBODY, Inc.
    • Boutique Fitness Studio Owner

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