Insights Leaders Use to Grow and Scale

From Right-Now Insights to Future Milestones, See how Leaders Use Data to Drive Success

Just like your body, keeping your business healthy and performing optimally takes a variety of information. In the moment you need instant feedback on your pulse and cadence to make maximize your individual workout. Over time you need to view your activities collectively, analyze results, and formulate a plan to reach future goals. That’s what the industry leaders do and what the best analytic platforms provide.

Watch, Insights Leaders Use to Grow and Scale, to discover what they look at and move forward. See how they:

  • Instantly LASER view in to see what’s working – and what’s not
  • Monitor their Daily Pulse to see progress toward their plan
  • Pick out Utilization Trends for frequency and locations
  • Identify Staff Activity to see who is active, selling, and closing

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About the Presenter

Rich Peralta

Director of iKizmet

About iKizmet

iKizmet integrates with ClubReady to tell you in real-time where your fitness business stands through data visualizations of your key performance indicators. With instant answers to your most important questions, you’ll see new opportunities quicker and make smarter business decisions today and for the future.

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