Create a Member-Centric, Business-Empowering Mobile Experience

The demands and expectations of members are increasing – and hybrid and mobile experience are at the top of their list. Together, ClubReady and myFitApp enable you to create the flexible experiences members crave with the business tools you need to attract new members, increase sales, retain existing members, and manage your business for growth.

Custom Branded Member App

Create unique customer journeys based on your business model that personally engage members and authentically differentiate your brand, building long-term loyalty and value. And that’s just the beginning.

Booking and Event Schedule

Scheduling classes is key to your success. It’s also one of the most stressful daily tasks that directly impacts members and staff. Whether you’re one studio or large enterprise chain, myFitApp makes management of all your classes simple. With one click, members can book or cancel a session, add it to their calendar or share it with a friend who can easily join the same session.

Content Marketing

Great content attracts new members and keeps members up to date, strengthening loyalty. With the ability to create articles in under a minute and schedule them in advance, the myFitApp Content Marketing solution enables you to elevate the promotion of everything about your business. Whether it’s a spotlight on your star trainers or the latest nutrition tips, you’ll bring value to your members and your business.

Monetization and Paywall

ClubReady payment manager takes the friction and stresses out of all of the purchases at your club from packages to memberships to merch to in-app content.  In-app purchase options can open up significant new revenue opportunities limited only by your imagination. For example, you could offer digital memberships for existing members and pay-as-you-go access for non-members with your content behind a paywall through the myFitApp@home solution.

myFitApp@home Video Platform

Customers want convenience and flexibility. More and more that means a mix of in studio and at home. With myFitApp@home you can offer your own branded digital home fitness solution. Deliver your fitness programs from your trainers to members through your app and website. Complete control enables you to monetize these programs by limiting access to members and offering in-app purchases.

Attendance and Access Control

Removing friction points is critical to the member experience. At the same time, controlling access is critical to your business and customers’ safety. With App Attendance and Access Control members with appropriate permissions are able to access facilities or sign into classes and activities quickly and easily with just one tap or click.

Lead Generation

Word-of-mouth and referrals have and will always be one of the most effective marketing methods. The App Lead Generation module adds technology to your “Refer a Friend” campaigns to make them simple and strikingly effective. With capability across multiple channels, unique offer codes, and GDPR compliance, it’s a smart way to build your business.

Build Your Fitness Business for the Future