PERFORMANCE IQ - Motivation Through Measurement

Fitness Studios realize measuring results leads to engagement, greater client retention and loyalty, higher membership rates and more meaningful instructor-client relationships. Separate yourself from the crowd by offering the most interactive member experience to your clients.

Performance Tracking

Offer performance display in any group fitness environment, obtain accurate heart rate and calorie information, and automatically send emails after each workout with performance results and calories burned

  • The Heart Rate Display system pairs with an unlimited number of data devices and is compatible with all brands of ANT+ based heart rate strap.
  • The Indoor Cycling Display wirelessly presents individual and group performance onto a single screen to create new class programming. During RPM/Power mode, riders can view their cycling data in real time. In Team Mode, riders can track their heart rate zone and calories. In Personal Threshold Power Mode riders can track view their power output in terms of Functional Threshold Power.
  • A bike reservation system and a customized performance dashboard for your members provides data tracking so your members can check their fitness history on your website.

Branded Mobile App

Increase new member registration and client retention by providing a frictionless member experience, access to fitness data, and gamified competitive challenges.

  • Increase class registration with class purchasing, booking, and management.
  • Manage front desk activity like membership milestones, birthdays, waitlist book and cancellations, and kiosk check-in.
  • Simplify new client registration with mobile membership agreements and waivers.
  • Encourage engagement and retention with new team and individual challenges.
  • Notify your members of special offers and performance progress with push notifications.