You’re not afraid of hard work … but boring work is another story. And yet, that boring work is what can make or break a successful studio.

GYM HQ Powered by ClubReady gives studios all of the back-office support of a corporate office for the cost of a single admin. Now you and your staff can spend your time focused on your people and members while we help you fight your way to the top. Check out these advantages.

Customer Service

Business Without the Busy Work

You focus on fostering positivity for your members and so does our CS team. We’ll treat your members like they’re our own and provide a point of contact that keeps you free for interactions that truly need your attention.

CS Services

  • Live calls with call recording
  • Cancellations, freeze, transfers, rescheduling of services, complaint documentation and escalation
  • Ability to request a callback
  • Requests via email and mail
  • State Attorney General inquiries and responses
  • complaint response
  • Discussion of trends

Past Due Communication

A Proven Personal Touch

GYM HQ has mastered the “firm + friendly” balance in outreach to get your member back to a healthy draft status. And all member interaction is 100% branded to your club – our agents are your agents.

Weekly Contact Attempts

  • Auto-dialer calls (1)
  • Agent calls (1)
  • Email (1)
  • SMS text (1)
  • Live inbound call handling
  • Updating of payment profiles


Better Service, Less Cost

A full-time accountant commands a full-time salary. GYM HQ can provide an entire, scalable accounting staff for less! And the savings go beyond the cost of service.

Accounting Services

  • Record bank deposits
  • Record revenues
  • Record payrolls from payroll reports
  • Accounts payable
  • Prepare monthly P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Maintain a general ledger
  • Daily cash reports
  • Bank reconciliations


More Time, Fewer Headaches

Payroll might not directly increase sales. But done poorly it can put your business in a world of hurt. GYM HQ payroll lifts the weight off of your shoulders and lets your team focus on impressing your members and driving sales.

Payroll Services

  • Process payrolls
  • Prepare commission reports
  • As needed, prepare manual and final paychecks where required by state law
  • Respond to unemployment benefits requests
  • Process wage garnishment requests
  • Manage state and federal quarterly and annual payroll tax reports
  • Complete state required new hire and worksite reporting

HR Best Practices

Maximize Compliance, Minimize Risk

While your members enjoy no judgments, the state and federal governments won’t extend your business the same courtesy. And there are a lot of moving parts. Our guidance helps you navigate the ever-changing landscape.

HR Services

  • Policy manual review
  • Employee handbook review
  • Review of current HR documents and policies
  • HR best practices and guidance on course correction
  • HR form review (offer recommended templates where applicable)
  • Best practices and guidance on the Affordable Care Act
  • Hiring/ Termination oversight and best practices

Operations Guidance

Been There, Done That

When it comes to operational duties, a little help can go a long way. Our experience with thousands of clubs will help you understand if your company is on the path to success … and if not, help get you in the right direction.

Operations Services

  • Facilitate insurance account handling
  • Bonding (as needed)
  • Handle state registration and local business licenses(as needed)
  • Process vendor account set-up
  • Robust KPI reporting and follow-up with full insights on where to focus
  • BBB score evaluation and improvement plan

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