Learn More About SMS and MMS for Fitness Studios

Following are several frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Aurora SMS and MMS for fitness studios .

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service which is an extension of the standard SMS. It allows for the transmission of not only text messages but also multimedia like images, videos, and emojis.

If a lead chooses to not use MMS messaging services as their preferred method of contact, they will be removed from our service and notes and tasks will be left for someone in studio to make contact with your lead.

Our Automation function is a great way to set up “messages-to-be-sent” to individuals or groups automatically by the platform on any given date. This will remove the headache of having to manage messaging timelines between you and potential clientele.

Our software is fully responsive web-based application meaning that is not an app to download, but can be used on any device as the information on screen is optimized for the device size.

We offer call-forwarding to your desired business number, so when someone calls the Toll-Free number in the message it will go to your business.

Yes, there is a daily message limit of 1500 messages in total.  Those include messages sent, responses, and messages to be sent later.


Verizon: 1.5MB

Sprint: 2MB

T-Mobile: 1MB

The file sizes above will generally be passed along to the wireless carriers. However, due to differences in handsets, file types, and transcoding, we recommend you send attachments no larger than 500KB to ensure the best chance of delivery.

We are working in coordination with you and your studio staff to be as successful as possible. If you have an issue with the service being provided please contact our Sales Department for further assistance. If you are having an issue with the Aurora platform please contact our customer service and we would be more than happy to assist you +1-888-244-9916.

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