Fitness Staff Management

One Platform to Collaborate and Build Business Strength 

Your staff are your foundation for growth and members’ connection to your fitness business, and by extension, you. ClubReady delivers smart tools that empower you and your staff at every step to deliver an experience that’s on-brand. With everything you need for efficient, streamlined staff management in a single platform, you’ll get everyone pulling in the same direction, with controls and insights to drive your business forward. 

  • Customizable staff permission-levels
  • Streamlined staff scheduling
  • Proven staff-training methodologies
  • Time-recording methods tailored to your culture barcode, thumbprint, or PIN
  • Scalable employee disciplinary management, with multiple levels of review
  • Create and Execute One Brand Story for Every Location
  • Streamline check ins, and all types of forms from waivers to agreements
  • Unattended Check-In Kiosk
  • Unique Corporate Portal

ClubReady Scheduling Reimagined enables you to work your way, implementing your workflows without unnecessary burdens and hurdles.”

Darol Lain, President


Build Your Business Like Clock-Work

Time is critical in any business, but especially so for fitness studios. The problem is nobody has time for physical time cards and signing in. You’ve got to be kidding. ClubReady allows employees to clock in via barcode, thumbprint, or PIN, based on rules and culture tailored to your club. You can set time clock reminders for employees and automatically report time/attendance to managers and owners to keep everyone on time and on task, just like a well-oiled machine.

Build Your Fitness Business for the Future