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Switching from ABC Financial

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ClubReady is the choice of fitness business leaders of all sizes looking to grow their business. That’s one of the main factors in growth minded operators’ decision to switch from ABC Financial to ClubReady: growth. ClubReady was developed from the beginning for the fitness business, from start-ups to scale ups. Forcing businesses to adapt to software that doesn’t fit and wasn’t created for that purpose creates gaps and ultimately limits growth. 

Corporate Portal 
The ClubReady Corporate Portal is the foundation of the solution. Growing with you as you add locations, the ClubReady Corporate Portal provides the insights and information you need with the ability to manage multiple locations easily to ensure profitability. It enables you to work on the business, not in the business [WATCH NOW]

ClubReady CRM
The business is simple says Mike Leonard, Vice President of Sales at YogaSix: “Get leads, have them come in and experience the studio, have them have a great experience, and sell them something.” That doesn’t mean it’s easy. Especially those first two parts, getting leads through the door. It’s made even more difficult without a native CRM. That’s the lifeblood of your new business efforts. [WATCH NOW]

While there might be similarities between many fitness businesses, no two are exactly alike. That’s why ClubReady was designed to execute common tasks extraordinarily well, but also with the flexibility to accommodate the differences that make your business unique efficiently. We believe growth comes from you elevating your best practices, not being forced into your solutions’ processes.

Interactions between staff and your systems and your members and business are critical to the experience – and the information that you’re able to collect. Both of those items are critical to growth. From the in-studio interface to the scheduling of services and classes, ClubReady ensures that every touch is meaningful and leads to your ultimate goals.

Always On Support 
Software that you can’t use is useless. And if there is no one there to help you and your staff, the costs and aggravation add up for all involved. ClubReady is committed to providing the answers and support fitness operators need so they can stay focused on their core activities: member success.  

We’re committed to making the transition to ClubReady and all of its advantages as quick and seamless as possible, in time measured in days and weeks, not months and years. Learn more and get a demo today.  

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