Everything You Need for Training, All in One Place

At ClubReady, we want to ensure you and your team are ready for anything.
That’s why we have created a one stop shop for all your training resource needs, customized to your studio.

CRUniversity offers an innovative resource designed to help you master your ClubReady system.

Learning Paths and Courses are designed to increase your proficiency through a series of video tutorials. The Courses cover everything from the Menu and how to navigate the site, how to sell agreements, using the Point of Sale, Scheduling, and more!

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  • For Owners and Admin Members: DripbarOwner
  • For Staff Members: DripbarStaff


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Group Webinars

ClubReady Foundations for Front Desk
This webinar will review the key functionalities to assist you on your day to day. This includes: • Lead Management • Member Management • Check In Monitor • Point of Sale.

ClubReady Foundations for Trainers
This webinar will review the necessary features to understanding how to manage your schedule. This includes: • Adjusting Availability • Making Bookings • Logging a Booking • Check In Monitor.

ClubReady Foundations for Operations/Managers
This webinar will review the options available for managing your clients. This includes: • Writing an Agreement • Managing an Agreement • Building Class Schedule

ClubReady Foundations for Owners
This webinar will review key functionalities to managing your staff and understanding your reports. This includes: • Staff Management • Managing Payroll • Key Reports.

On-Demand Videos

Using The Point of Sale (POS) In ClubReady
This video will guide you through understanding the differences between a simple and full POS. We will cover the basics of point of Sale usage through how to Open, Close, Drop and Add in a Full POS and reports.

Managing Products and Inventory
This video will guide you on how to keep track of products and inventory across your business.

Managing Tasks And Using Work it
This video will lead you through efficiently managing tasks and other critical elements in your business.

ClubReady Reports: Sales
Get analytics and insights that will enable you to build your fitness business strength for the future.

Advanced Business Automation
This class will show you how to create automation rules and review the components of the Lead Management Dashboard:  completing tasks, viewing leads, activity, and guest log. 

PerformanceIQ – Foundations Overview
This class will walk you through how to use the Admin Dashboard, Class Check In Kiosk, and Member Portal. You will learn how your member’s will login, how they can book into a class, how guests can sign up online, etc. 

User Guide

This guide will give you a high-level overview of how to perform key operational tasks in the ClubReady software.

ClubReady How-To’s

This link will provide you with our full knowledgebase library.

Hardware Guide

Complete overview of suggested hardware to use with the ClubReady software.

Hardware Form

Use this form to place hardware order with ClubReady.